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Welcome to the mance project page for The Song of Saya, better known by its original title, 'Saya no Uta'.
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What does this project consist of?
The mance project consists of putting together different translations for The Song of Saya on the PONScripter engine.
This page will be the main source of information about the mance project for The Song of Saya.
Need help, a comment, a gratitude... all goes on the dedicated discussion on VNDB
(if you aren't confident enough in English think of the poor moderators and add a translation of your message at the end of it!).

What's new?
The project is in progress, we are inserting the translations in the scripts.
→ VNDB thread.

May I know more about the progress of the project?
Here is what has been done or is being done:

Who is behind this project?
The French-speaking group Re*define and the Italian Ennevì are leading this project, we thank the helpers for the translations of this page as well as the different groups (07th Inquisition, New Dawn Project, Nnuuu Production and Zero Force Translations) for the kind permissions to use the different translations of The Song of Saya.

Where can I find out more about The Song of Saya?
You may visit the original project page of the English translation, it should contain enough information.

Cf. tutorial /// SteamJAST/GOG.
Thanks to PONScripter, you will be able to run the game on different platforms such as Windows, Linux, macOS or even (without our assistance) OpenBSD, etc.

—In practice...

Which translations are included?
We want to limit ourselves to the Romance languages. Despite our research, no Romanian translation of the game seems to exist; we would be happy to include such a translation if possible.
In short, for the moment our compilation only includes translations for the following languages: Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese.

Why are some menus not translated?
Some versions don't have translated menus, so we thought that implementing the ones that did wouldn't do much good - the player only spends between a few seconds and a few minutes there.
Despite this, if you have the necessary skills you could implement what is missing and publish a patch on the VNDB thread.

Why PONScripter?
It is an engine under a libre/free license (GPLv2) and the scripting language is very simple to understand with a proper documentation.
Using one of the two Nitroplus engines (N2System, Mware Engine) is out of the question.
Using another engine under the pretext that it is newer or that a certain license is more suitable for your use is out of the question: we try to promote PONScripter and related engines.
ONScripter-EN is tempting, but there would be problems with the number of characters with the font, so it is unlikely that we would study the question for long.

How was this project developed?
Here are the key moments of this project:
  1. Ask the different groups for the necessary permissions;
  2. Copy and paste the main script to have one script file per language, then add an appropriate suffix (e.g. _es for the Spanish script) to each label where necessary so that there are no duplicate labels, which would crash the engine;
  3. Implement the multilingual logic within the script;
  4. Insert the different translations in the script files;
  5. Remove the adverts from the French version (the base language for this project) in order to attribute all the groups and translations at the end of the game;
  6. Add different recent executables for the main systems (Windows, Linux and macOS).

Thanks to the groups 07th Inquisition, New Dawn Project, Nnuu Production and Zero Force Translations for the translations.
Thanks to the group WinKiller Studio for the PONScripter version of the game.
Thanks to the various helpers, especially for the translations on this page.
Finally, thanks to you for your interest.